An Update on Our Covid-19 Precautions and Policies

At North Star Radiology, we recognize the risks associated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We have supported the measures put in place to mitigate its effect on our communities. While vaccination distribution has begun, we must continue social distancing measures while the immunization process unfolds.

We continue to evaluate and implement the proper protocols to minimize potential exposure for patients who seek medical care.

As a stand-alone imaging facility, we are able to offer additional options to decrease the chances of exposure. The following precautions are currently in place and will continue to evolve to meet recommended safety guidelines.

  1. Screening
    1. North Star Radiology is a non-COVID-19 site.
    2. Prior to arrival, patients are screened for symptoms at the time of scheduling.
    3. On arrival, a secondary screen, including a temperature check, is performed.
    4. Symptomatic patients will be asked to reschedule.
  2. Distancing
    1. Our waiting room has been modified to allow social distancing.
    2. Patients may also choose to wait in their cars, with parking available right outside our front door.
    3. Protective plexiglass shields have been installed at our front desk.
    4. Admittance is restricted to patients only. If you require assistance, we are happy to provide help or allow a single caregiver if necessary.
  3. Cleaning
    1. Common areas are cleaned on a regular schedule throughout the day.
    2. Patient exam rooms area cleaned after each patient.
    3. Facility deep cleaning is performed in the evenings.
  4. Masking
    1. Universal masking is required for staff and patients in the facility.
    2. Patients are encouraged to wear their own medical mask to conserve supply. However, one will be provided on arrival if needed.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to answer them and hope we can continue to provide you and your family with important diagnostic and screening medical imaging services.